CT LAX Club Team 2020 – High School Development Program

     The goal of our program is to focus on skill development throughout the year. Coach Kristin Woods will be fully involved with each player’s development in the class of 2020.  Starting in the Fall of 2015, we will be offering fall and winter clinics.  CT LAX will continue to teach the important fundamentals and basics every player needs to succeed at the next level.  Our experienced and knowledgeable staff will incorporate advanced tactics and techniques into our practices and games.   As coaches, our goal is to be role models for your daughters.  We believe it is paramount for the girls to learn the importance of being part of a team, in order for them to be able to achieve their full potential as individuals.

We will select 20-23 girls from tryouts for 2015 Fall & 2016 Summer Team.  We will also select girls as practice players, who will practice with the team, participate in fall tournaments, and be used as alternates for the summer tournaments.  If your daughter is selected and makes the commitment to our program we expect them to fulfill the commitment in the 2016 summer.  We do not want to turn other girls away from the program if your daughter is not going to join the team.  Please communicate with CT LAX as soon as possible if a conflict or injury does arise for the 2016 summer. 



     We highly encourage multi-sport athletes; therefore we are offering a program where you will be able to select the practice sessions and/or the tournaments your daughter will attend. 


Fall Development Clinics (5 or 10 clinics)

2 Fall Tournament -

            October 25th - Iona Play 4Kay 7 v 7 -New Rochelle, NY

            November 15th - No Man Down 8 v 8 - Byram Hills, NY

Winter Development Clinics *New this year


Summer Quick Stick Camp

Summer Development Clinics / Play Days

Three Summer Tournaments



The 2020 club team will enter THREE summer tournaments.  We will be starting the summer season at least 1 week earlier so that the girls can enjoy more of the summer with family, at camp, or involvement in summer clubs.

Tentative Summer Tournament Weekends:   

June 18th or 19th

June 25th and/or 26th

July 9th and 10th  - New England Youth Lacrosse All-Star Tournament - Devens, Ma

*Room Block Information will be available in March 


Collegiate coaches and players will be instructing our campers introducing strategies, drills, and fundamentals implemented at the collegiate level.  The first day will focus on providing direct one on one instruction to improve individual play.  The campers will participate in at least 10 stations that focus on different aspects of the game, each coach instructing the station will be a specialist they include shooting, draws, dodging, 1 v 1 defense, off ball defense, free-position shots, man up offense & man down defense, clearing, offensive movement and double teaming.  The second two days will be dedicated to developing team strategies and concepts.  This will combine individual skills and team competition to round out the player's experience.  



The summer development clinics are practices designed to work on TEAM dynamics in order to create a more cohesive unit.   We want to prepare our players for the next level of competition by explaining each aspect of the game thoroughly.  Based on this past summer, we feel it is important to scrimmage local club teams so we can see what areas the TEAM needs to work on and adjust.  Fairfield County has many talented programs and coordinating playdays against them has helped improve everyone’s game.



CT LAX will offer optional Fall and Winter Development Clinics.  You will select the programs that best fit your daughter’s schedule.   Fees and schedule will be based upon fields and coaches.  We hope to create a schedule that allows you to choose what works best for your family.  

Fall Payment Due Dates:

Fall Development Clinics-  September 8th or 9th - $125 (5 Clinics) or $250 (10 Clinics)

2 Fall Tournament - 

            October 25th - Iona Play 4Kay 7 v 7 -New Rochelle, NY - DUE SEPTEMBER 10th - $125

            November 15th - No Man Down 8 v 8 - Byram Hills, NY - DUE OCTOBER 1st - $125

Summer Payment Due Dates:

September 15th, 2015 - Deposit of $475 to guarantee a spot on our 2016 summer team.

March 15th, 2016 -  Remaining balance of $475.

Summer fee of $950 includes all costs related to the team: coaching, insurance, field usage, program reversible jersey & T-shirt, tournament fees, Quickstick summer camp, playday fees, and management costs.

We at CT LAX are fully committed to providing our players with the best competition in order to help our players grow and prosper as athletes. These tournaments that we have specifically hand selected will bring together the best lacrosse teams and players in the area while alleviating the need to travel long distances to compete.  By attending the two single day tournaments we will expose the girls to a high caliber of lacrosse, wile keeping the travel and hotel costs at a minimum.  We are dedicated to giving your daughters the best experience at the most reasonable and affordable price. 

Uniforms are an additional cost of $70. You will be responsible for ordering your daughters uniforms in Feburary from lax.com

Please feel free to contact CT LAX with any questions regarding scholarship or financial aid.